Rodgers, Mrs. C.W.


August 26, 1876 - January 11, 1941
Mrs. C. W. Rodgers was the wife of Rev. C. W. Rodgers and mother of Mrs. Robert Carmouche, both of Lake Charles, Louisiana. She was born in Wadena, Iowa, August 26, 1876.
For forty years Mrs. Rodgers was at the side of her capable husband as they together so sincerely and efficiently worked in God’s Kingdom. During the several pastorates in upper Iowa, Dakota, Gulf, Southern, and Louisiana Conferences, and during his term as army chaplain and President of Evangeline College, Mrs. Rodgers took her rightful place in help and inspiration to, her husband.
For the last several years Rev, and Mrs. Rodgers were engaged in building a home. for themselves, looking forward to the days of retirement just ahead, where they could spend the last years of their lives together. Bro. Rodgers retired in November of 1940 and just a month after they moved into their new home, Jan. 11, 1941, Mrs. Rodgers was called to the great beyond. Her passing was mourned by many friends and the memory of her life is one of inspiration and joy to all who knew her. Her kind spirit, her joyous attitude, her willingness to serve unreservedly made her a dear friend to everyone. Her’s was certainly a life of spiritual triumph.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Church, Pages 90, 1941 by Edward R. Haug.

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