Augustus, J.L.


- 1941
Rev. J. L. Augustus was converted in his early life and was called to preach. He joined the conference in the year 1883 and gave over 45 years of service. He was a well thought of at each charge that he served. He was a splendid pastor, fine preacher, and a good administrator.
Too much praise cannot be given him for the creditable work which was done while he was in the active ministry.
He served the following charges during his ministry: Flat Town and Chicot Prairie, Washington Ct., Waxie, Chenneyville, Cherryville, Pineville and Avoca, Jeannerette and Patonville, Opelousas, Boonville and Cedar Groave, Boyce and Village, Hartzell, Napoleonville, Mount Carmel, Longstreet, Grand Bayou, Hubertville, Eola and Sunflower, Eola Ct., Lottie Ct., Washington.
Source: Louisiana Conference Journal, SCJ, The Methodist Church, 1941, p. 42

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