Sandford, Rutherford B.


- 1942
The late Rev. Rutherford B. Sandford passed to his reward the year 1942, after having served the Conference sixteen years, and was retired in the year 1940. He was a faithful preacher of the old school; labored ardently and obtained fine results from his labors. He was notably assisted by his faithful compasnion, Mrs. Sandford, who survives him with vigor and interest in the Kingdom of God.
So may we say with the poet: “Servant of God well done. Thy glorious warfarer, past the battle fought. The race is won and thou are crowned at last.” He served the following charges: Asbury and Wesley, Wesley-Wilson and Norwood, Denham Springs, St. Luke, Baton Rouge; Jordan; Lottie. Retired in 1940.
Source: Louisiana Conference Journal, SCJ, The Methodist Church, 1942, p. 36