Fontaine, Ernestine Doll (Mrs. P.H.)


January 15, 1878 - December 19, 1943
Ernestine Doll Fontaine, daughter of Frederick Doll and Louise Pflug, was born January 16, 1878, in. New Orleans, where she spent her girlhood days. Here she was educated and here she was converted to God and the Christian life under the ministry of Dr. F. S. Parker. Here she united with the Dryades Methodist Church and became one of its most useful and faithful members. She was church organist for several years and also served efficiently in other departments of the church work. Here she became the wife of Rev. P. H. Fontaine on January 13, 1903, while he was pastor of her church. Here in 1942, while attending the opening session of the Louisiana Annual Conference in the First Methodist Church as a delegate from her church at Kentwood, Louisiana, she was stricken, and on December 19 she passed away. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. E. C. Gunn, Rev. H. L. Johns and other New Orleans preachers. Here in New Orleans her body rests, awaiting the resurrection from the dead of all those who have put their trust in Him who said: “Because I live ye shall live also.”
Mrs. Fontaine was blessed with the happy faculty of making and keeping friends. She was attractive in her personality, pleasing in her manner; she was kind and helpful, and always thoughtful and considerate of others. The beautiful flowers at her funeral and the many letters of love and appreciation from friends in every walk of life and from many sections of the country bore evidence of the far-reaching influence of her life.
The tribute paid her by many of the church-members was voiced in these meaningful words: “She was an ideal preacher’s wife.” That was saying much; in fact, a greater commendation could not be given in a single sentence of so few words. An ideal preacher’s wife! She must know how to build and keep a home; how to make it attractive, and livable; she must know how to entertain guests; she must know how to prepare a wholesome meal. Above all she must know how to be a real companion and helper to her husband. The burdens of the preacher are made lighter, the heartaches and sorrow are made less and the joys are shared by the good woman in the parsonage. An ideal preacher’s wife! She knows when to speak and when to keep silent. She knows how to meet people and to live and work with them. She knows how to sympathize and how to encourage. In the work of the church and the on-going of the Kingdom of God in the world the ideal preacher’s wife occupies a high place, which she justly deserves.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Church, Pages 85, 1943 by W. W. Holmes.

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