Brown, Henry Newton


February 3, 1875 - July 18, 1943
H. N. Brown was born February 3, 1875, in Baton Rouge, La., and died July 18, 1943, in Lake Providence. He was near the end of the fourth year in that pastorate and in the 45th year of his membership in the Conference. Few of our number serve so long, none have served more loyally.
Brother Brown joined the Church in his early youth, and was ad-mitted to membership in
the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, during the session which convened at Mansfield, La., Dec. 19, 1898, and his name appears in the minutes as a student at Centenary College. In the minutes of the Conference of 1900 the record is his appointment to Rayne, La. And at Rayne he made the acquaintance of Miss Clara Crandall and during that pastorate they were married. Mrs. Brown and their daughter, Mrs. Eugene R. Martini, survive Brother Brown.
H. N. Brown knew how to work and make the most of time and opportunity. From Rayne he went on to serve circuit, station and district, and in each capacity his one though was “The Lord’s work deserves to be well done.” To this he adhered throughout his life, and applied it to all that he did. He was a student, reading with discriminating care, and thinking for himself. He had a well-furnished mind. He kept well informed as to the program of the Church, and neglected none of its details. He. was a man of deep and abiding convictions. If at times he seemed tenacious of opinions and pressed hard toward a goal, it was because he held a tight rein over himself and drove relentlessly. When it was apparent to this man of God that for him the journey was near the end, he was ready to meet the Lord.
Brother Brown was an acceptable and successful preacher of the Gospel. He put time, prayer and patient study into the preparation of sermons that were interesting and inspiring in their presentation of the truth.
Back to the place where the long and useful ministry began, and into the church where he and his life long companion were married, they carried the body of this true soldier of Jesus Christ. His brethren .read the beautiful ritual of the Church, and laid the body to rest in the cemetery of Rayne, La. For the soul of this good man had returned to God who gave it.
His appointments were as follows: Rayne, 1901-04; N. 0. Bergun-dy, 1905; Shreveport,
Texas Ave., 1906-07; Alexandria, W. End, 1908; Morgan City, 1909-10-11-12; Lake Arthur, 1913-14-15; New Iberia, 1916-17-18-19-20; Arcadia, 1921; Parker Mem, N. 0., 1922-23; P. B. Baton Rouge Dist., 1924-25-26-27; Natchitoches, 1928-29; West Monroe, 1930; Lafayette, 1931-32-33-34; Ponchatoula, 1934-35; Pineville, 1936-37-38-39; Lake Providence, 1940-41-42-43.
Out of long associations and impelled by a precious and unchanging friendship. I say of H. N. Brown, “Well done, man and preacher, well done!”
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Church, Pages 81-82, 1943 by N. B. Joyner.

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