Bowman, Homer William


December 12, 1869 - July 26, 1943
Homer William Bowman was born December 12, -1869, in Leverett, Mass.; died July 26, 1943, and was peacefully laid to rest in Pelican cemetery on July 27 in the presence of many of his devoted friends.
Bro. Bowman came south in the year of 1888 and made his home in Chireno, Texas. He was converted in 1891, joined the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and immediately entered the ministry as a member of the East Texas Conference.
He was happily married to Miss Molley Holladay (a daughter of the late Rev. S. S. Holladay). He transferred to the Louisiana Conference in 1898, and then transferred to the Indian Mission Conference in Oklahoma in 1901, and back to Louisiana iii 1903. Bro. Bowman served his Church faithfully for 37 years. Seven of these years were spent as presid-ing elder on the Baton Rouge and Lake Charles districts.
His health failing, he took the superannuate relation in 1928, and made his home at Pelican.
Bro. Bowman was long a great sufferer, yet he bore his affliction with perfect patience. He was never heard to complain of what he had to endure. He was fortunate in that he had a devoted wife who waited on him untiringly to the end. It was her request that the undertaker bring his body back home; said she wanted him home for one day without pain.
Bro. Bowman was a man of a mastermind. There seemed to be no subject that passed him without being mastered. He owned a wonderful library. No book was too costly for him to buy if he thought it would enlarge his scope of knowledge for usefulness. His uppermost thought was to serve Gad and humanity. He was so well informed on all subjects that it was woe unto him who assailed him.
Bro. Bowman had no children and no relations in the South. None were left to mourn his going except his wife, her relatives, and his friends. It was a great pleasure to know him; he was a source of inspiration, both intellectually and spiritually.
The Church has had to give up a great preacher and the world a helpful friend.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Church, Pages 80-81, 1943 by J.C. Price.

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