Pynes, Russell T.


August 28, 1875 - August 9, 1950
Russell T. Pynes was born in Clay County, Alabama, August 28, 1875, and passed away August 9, 1950, in Franklin, Louisiana, with interment at Deadwood, Texas. Reverend F. P. Drake and Reverend W. H. Bengston officiated at the funeral.
Brother Pynes entered the Gulf Conference at its annual session of 1907 in Marshall, Texas. He was the last of a company of men from along the Texas-Louisiana boundary who entered the ministry over fifty years ago. These young men were called into the ministry under the influence of a great revival of Spiritual Holiness, and a large number of them chose to join the original Methodist Protestant Church and were among its leaders f or many years.
Brother Pynes had considerable native ability, and chose the ministry with a sincerity and self-dedication that was inspiring to those who knew him. To him, the Scripture was God’s Word and he was a voice to carry that Word.
Several years before his passing he had experienced failing health. Yet, long after some men would have retired, Brother Pynes still insisted upon preaching his message. He was equally at home before a camp meeting, a revival, or before his own congregation.
During his ministry, Reverend Pynes served faithfully the following charges: In Texas—Beckville, Atlanta and Jefferson. Hughes Springs, Rock Hill, Marshall, Deadwood and Bethel, San Juan. and Port Arthur. In Louisiana—DeQuincy, Many, and Iowa. He returned to Atlanta, Texas, for a second term in 1910 when it became a Station, and to Marshall, Texas, for a second term in 1923. From 1928 to 1933 Brother Pynes was Superintendent of the Lake Charles, Louisiana, district. He also represented the Methodist Episcopal Church as a delegate to the General Conference.
His wife survives him, as well as do three daughters—Mrs. Everett Verrett of Franklin, Louisiana, Mrs. C. C. Alexander of China, Texas, and Mrs. Robert Holzapfel of Victoria, Texas.
There are homes that are happier where life seems easier, and many face the future with more courage and faith just because our true friend and loyal worker, Brother Russell T. Pynes, passed this way.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Church, Pages 173, 1951 by C. W. Rogers.

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