Booth, Mamie Lott (Mrs. J.W.)


January 20, 1878 - August 6, 1951
On August 6, 1951, at the age of 73 years, Mrs. J. W. Booth was called home. She was born in Brandon, Mississippi, on January 20, 1878.
Having met the young minister, Rev. J. W. Booth, while he was attending Millsaps College, Jackson, Mississippi Miss Mamie Lott of Jackson, on June 8, 1904, became his bride. For the next forty-two years she was the queen of a Methodist parsonage. During those years she labored silently yet prayerfully and with such excellency of spirit that their pastorate were always happy ones. Though congregations look to their pastor f or guidance and leadership, yet they have great pride in his wife. It takes the two to complete the team. Mrs. Booth was eminently fitted by ability, by the Christian spirit and because of her love for people to counsel wisely with her pastor husband and to contribute to the tranquility and peace of the church and of their community.
Though her husband was retired at the conference held in the fall of 1946, he was sent to the Elizabeth charge, where they were living at the time of his passing. During their forty-two years together one of the main characteristics of the home and of their ministry was joyous and deeply sympathetic service. Her sacrificial life is perhaps best expressed in the Christian character of their three children. The children are: Mrs. W. F. Pratt, Jr., Jackson, Mississippi; Rev. Luther L. Booth, presently pastor of Algiers Methodist Church, New Orleans 14, Louisiana, and Mr. J. W. Booth of San Angelo, Texas.
After the passing of her husband, on March 25, 1947, Mrs. Booth made her home in the city of New Orleans. Since they spent 13 of the 42 years of their ministry together in that great city, she fell so in love with it that it was her wish to return there for the declining years of her life. Fifteen of the 42 years were spent in the Baton Rouge district. Among the places served by them were De Ridder, Winnsboro, Algiers, Chalmette.
Eternity alone will be able to measure the good wrought by this great and good mother and wife and Christian leader. Her spirit was so refined and her character so inspiring that to know her was to love her. Though she has gone, she still lives in our memories to inspire and to encourage us. Our lives are richer because she touched us.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Church, 1952, Pages 170-171.

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