Shaw, Oregon (Mrs. A.M.)


October 23, 1874 - 1953
Mrs. Oregon Shaw was born in Arkansas on October 23, 1874. She spent most of her mature years in Louisiana. She was a long time resident of Oakdale, having come in 1921 with her husband Rev. A. M. Shaw for a ministry of 4 years. After Bro. Shaw retired they came back to Oakdale to live. They have endeared themselves to this community through years of unselfish service. She was beloved by all who knew her and was a consecrated, tireless, worker. She never sought the places of leadership or honor, but in humility she worked in the background.
Much of her later years were spent In intense suffering. Although she knew how to suffer bravely and although she was called upon to suffer so much, still she never complained. She bore her Crosses bravely and with a smile. She was an inspiration to all who knew her and a living witness to the power of God. She was an ideal wife and mother. She was respected and loved by her children. She has been greatly missed, but rich will be her reward.
She chose to be buried in Oakdale as she considered this her home. This poem typified her faith:

Whence came my soul,
The essential me
I cannot know,
But this I see
That whence I came,
Thence I must go.

I had no fear,
I felt no pain
When here I came
And when I go
O Soul, this I know
No fear nor pain
Shall with thee go.

If father’s hand
Did bring thee there
If life has grown from less to more
Then life, more life,
Is still in store.
—W. K. Wallace

Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Church, Pages 166-167, 1953, by E. J. Barksdale.

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