Akin, William Edwin


January 19, 1870 - March 29, 1953
William Edwin Akin was born about four miles west of Bernice, Louisiana, in the Weldon community, on January 19, 1870, and died at Sibley, Louisiana, on March 29, 1953. Thus was ended a life of devoted service to God and the church.
At the age of about ten years he joined the old Alabama church. He was a diligent church member and of a serious turn, and while still on the farm where he was raised, he received his call to the ministry. He began to preach and entered the ministry In 1893, serving sixty years.
His first work was near Jonesboro, then near Ringgold, and then to the Summerville-Olla circuit. There he met Miss Beulah Baker, whom he married in 1899. His next appointments were Glbsland circuit, Blairstown, Pineville, and Glenmora. He located the next year, because of meager Income and the necessity of an enlarging family need.
However, the next year he came back Into the conference, was appointed to Pollock, and never left the ranks of our itinerant ministry again until retirement in 1938. He served the following churches and circuits: Pleasant Hill, Bonita-Jones, Clay Circuit, Kentwood, Baker, Clinton circuit, Jells, Chatham, Sibley, Ida, Greenwood, Standard-Olla, Slmsboro, Athens, Pine Grove, and Sibley, where he superannuated, bought a home and lived until his death.
Brother Akin had a happy personality, a cheerful personality, a radiant smile. He loved God supremely and was one of God’s true ministers. Giving most of his ministry in the rural church, he enriched many lives by his convictions of faith and righteousness. His work live) en in these lives, and in his family. He has claimed the eternal promises of the Heavenly Father he served so faithfully. We will meet him again in the home above.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Church, Pages 160-161, 1953 by H. L. Johns.

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