Lahey, Grace Paris


1881 - March 19, 1956
Mrs. C. W. Lahey, whose maiden name was Grace Paris, was a native of Winchester, Indiana. She died at .the age of 75, on March 19, 1956 in Oklahoma City, and was buried in Homer, Louisiana. She came to Louisiana with her husband prior to 1924, the year in which he was admitted into the Louisiana Conference. She had taught seven years in Indiana and she taught one year at Palmetto, Louisiana.
Mrs. Lahey was a faithful co-laborer in her husband’s ministry—at Melville, Boyce and other points. A daughter tells of her father’s great dependence upon her mother in all the work of the ministry In the several charges which he served.
Three daughters survive Mrs. Lahey—Mrs. D. Anderson of Oklahoma City, Mrs. L. D. Strahan, and Mrs. A. C. Hodnett of Colf ax, Louisiana. An only son, Roger, became a member of the Louisiana Conference, and died in 1939 in Oakdale, where he was serving most acceptably. Mrs. Lahey is survived by eight grandchildren and three great—grandchildren. These, with the daughters, “arise up, and call her blessed.”
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Church, Pages 162, 1956 by, R. H. Harper.

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