Wier, Mary McKerall (Mrs. C.C.)


- November 4, 1959
Mrs. Mary McKerall Wier was born in Franklin, Louisiana, and spent her entire life here. She was a daughter of the late Wilson McKerell and Fannie Louisa Gordy.
In 1932 when Reverend C. C. Wier was sent to Franklin for a second term of service (he was the minister here in 1909) he married Mrs. Mary McKerall Cross, and they continued to live and serve in Franklin until his death in 1935. Mrs. Wier remained here until her death, which occurred on November 4, 1959.
Mrs. Wier began teaching Sunday School in 1907 and taught for forty years. Not too long ago, she said that she was quite sure that she had taught at least two thirds of all the Methodists in Franklin today. She was at one time Superintendent of the Home Department, and visited the sick and those who could not attend church services. She was also Superintendent of the Cradle Roll and visited children who were too young to attend Sunday School. Her life was truly devoted to the work of the Lord.
In 1956 when a new sanctuary was built in Franklin, her former Sunday School pupils gave a prayer altar in her honor. It was placed in the prayer room of the church.
Affectionately known to young and old as “Mamie” her life stands out as a shining example of a true Christian.
She is survived by one sister, Lorena McKerall O’Niell (Mrs. John A. O’Niell).
Source: Annual of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Church, Pages 196-197, 1960 by W. McKerall O’Neal.

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