McLean, Spencer J.


August 7, 1888 - March 23, 1959
Rev. Spencer J. McLean was born August 7, 1888, in Gurley, La. He died March 23, 1959, in New Orleans, La.
He is survived by his wife, the former Agnes Etta Stevens; three sons, Lee Vance McLean, George McLean of Baton Rouge, and Rev. John G. McLean, Paris, Texas; one daughter, Mrs. Alice McLean Brown of Baton Rouge; two sisters, Miss Lucy S. McLean of Lake Charles, and Miss Iva McLean of Lake Charles; one brother, Thomas T. McLean, Longville, La.; two grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews.
He was received into the Louisiana Conference on trial in 1917, and into full connection in 1919. He received his deacon’s orders In 1917 and elder’s orders in 1924. He has given 34 years of service in the Methodist ministry, serving the following charges among
others: Morgan City, Gibsland, Lutcher, Clinton, Zachory, Oak Grove, Newelton, Mangum, Angie-Varnado, and Bluff Creek. He served as business manager for the Bluff Creek Camp Grounds for about ten years. He served ten years of his ministry In the Southwest Texas Conference, serving Kingsville, Comfort, Borne, Port Lavaca, and Marblefalls.
In every church where he has served there are those who found in him a channel of God’s comfort and strength in time of loss, who have found in his faith, new hope and courage, who have learned from him, by precept and example, the Christian way, who have heard from him the good news of redeeming grace.
Those who knew him as a preacher heard sermons grounded in the Scriptures, and enriched by his own deep understanding of human nature and his own sensitiveness to everyday problems~ Those who knew him as a pastor, knew one who was ever willing to listen, quick to grasp the heart of a problem, to sense the feeling behind the words, not trying to judge but seeking to understand. Those who knew him as a leader of their church, knew one who was always willing to work, never asking someone to do a task he was not willing to do himself, literally and physically building churches and repairing parsonages, inspiring others to service with his own extravagant spending of his energies for the church he loved.
So much of what it means to be a Christian has been quietly lived out day by day, in a steadfast faith in spite of tragedy, a devotion in spite of disappointment, the grace to forgive when lesser men would grow sullen and angry, the freshness of varied Interests and the enthusiasm for new tasks, the gift to give himself nor count the cost, the grace to love . . . in short, so much of Christ’s spirit is reflected in his life, that we better know what Christ is like.
One of the prayers offered at the ordination service is contained in a hymn sung during the service. It is a prayer that has been truly answered in the life of Spencer J. McLean:
“As laborers in Thy vineyard, Send us 0 Christ to be
Content to bear the burden of weary days for Thee;
We ask no other wages, when Thou shalt call Us home
But to have shared the travail which makes Thy Kingdom come.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Church, Pages 213- 214, 1959 by J. P. Woodland.

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