Hines, Mrs. Henry B.


May 12, 1866 - January 9, 1959
Though her life never attained any distinction or conspicuous achievement, her untiring and earnest efforts as a kind, devoted wife and mother enriched the lives of all with whom she came in contact.
These qualities stood her in good stead when her husband accepted his call to preach and for which he had been previously educated at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi. He served as an Elder all during the years he was doing school work, but was licensed to preach in the Louisiana Conference in 1920 at Cedar Grove, Louisiana; was admitted on trial and was accepted in full connection four years later. Her efforts in being a loyal and devoted wife of a Methodist minister were manifest In her untiring work as a helpmeet of her husband and as a Christian.
Expressions of devotion and gratitude were experienced in many localities of Louisiana where they served and remained with her in lasting memory in her final years.
Because various injuries deprived her of attending public interests in her sunset years, her fortitude for being comforted in silent composure and assurance was her greatest secret in life’s accomplished task.
The friendly accord given her during her residence and final sojourn in life at Grand Bay, Alabama, by local friends could only be exceeded by lifetime acquaintances, as she departed this life gently and quietly after a short Illness on January 7, l959. She was laid to rest by the side of Rev. Hines in Griffin Cemetery, Moss Point, Mississippi, on January 9, 1959.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Church, Pages 219, 1950 by her son, Henry Capers Hines.

Mrs. H. B. Hines, the wife of Henry Bascom Hines, was born Susan May McKnight, at Pollock, Louisiana, on May 12, 1866. Her parents were of Colonial pioneer heritage with that sturdy quality of enduring ability which she also possessed and maintained with simplicity until the last.
She finished school at Draughn’s Business College in Nashville, Tennessee, and became supervisor for the accounting office of a general mercantile company for a number of years.
Susan was a member of a large family consisting of thirteen brothers and sisters. The entire family was musically inclined and all took part in church and choir activities with their father and mother. She played the piano and guitar and joined them in song with her beautiful alto voice lending much to the camp meetings and using her talents for her Lord.
On Christmas Day, 1899, she was married at Colfax, Louisiana, to Mr. Hines, who was then engaged in the reorganization and standardization of public high schools. This endeavor occupied their domestic and public life ‘for eighteen years, during which time they were members in various civic and fraternal activities. They joined the Order of the Eastern Star together in 1903 at Coushatta, Louisiana, and worked side by side in the Order for about fifty years.
Two children blessed this union, a son and a daughter with whom she was living in Grand Bay, Alabama, at the time of her passing.

Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Church, Pages 219-220, 1959 by B. D. Hines.

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