Vaughan, Robert W.


July 29, 1873 - July 10, 1960
On Sunday morning, July 10, 1960, the membership of the Rev. Robert W. Vaughan was transferred from the Church here on earth to the Triumphant Church. In his home going the Louisiana Conference lost one of its most beloved members. Rev. Robert W. Vaughan was born at Arizona in Claiborne Parish July 29, 1873. He was married to Miss Roberta McClendon December 8, 1897. To this union were ‘born five children; two of which are still living. His wife passed away May 23, 1959.
Brother Vaughan was licensed to preach and entered the Louisiana Conference in 1894. and spent his entire ministry in the Louisiana Annual Conference. His first appointment was Vienna and he served the following churches: Valley Charge, Downsville, New Iberia, Morgan City, and Franklin. At the Conference in 1908, he was appointed Superintendent of the Orphanage Home in Ruston, Louisiana, and served in this capacity until 1912. At this time he was sent to the Mer Rouge Church and served there for nine months. He then returned to the Orphanage and served until he retired from this institution in 193”?, making almost 30 years that he served as Superintendent and retained the title of Superintendent Emeritus until his death.
He served as Statistician of the Conference for 32 years. He became Treasurer of the Conference in 1941, and served until 1951. Brother Vaughan answered the roll call of ‘the Conference for 66 consecutive years. He was Superannuated in 1945 but continued to serve as Treasurer for six years. He represented his Conference two times during his long ministry at the General Conference.
In recognition of his faithful and untiring service to the Orphanage Home, Centenary College conferred the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Divinity upon him. During the time he was with the Orphanage, he had to travel many miles all over the State trying to raise money to keep things going but his faith never dimmed. Under his leadership this institution grew from a very small beginning to one of the finest institutions of the Methodist Church. It would be interesting to know the number of children who came under the influence of Brother and Mrs. Vaughn. It was a joy just to see the many children as they returned to the Home for the homecoming and see the expression of love that they felt for them.
Brother Vaughan was great in his fidelity. He was faithful to every trust that the Conference assigned to him. He was great in his faith. Like St. Paul, he knew Whom he believed and was persuaded that God was able to keep that which he ‘had committed unto him against that day. He had the faith that challenged the best that was within him whenever the need was greatest, regardless of the cost.
The better you knew Brother Vaughan the more you loved him and the more you appreciated his faith and belief in the love of a Heavenly Father. It was the writer’s privilege to know and be very close to him, and for this privilege I give thanks to God for he has meant much to me.
While he was Statistician and during the third year of my ministry, he came to me and asked if I would help with the Statistical work. I worked with him on this until the union of the churches when accepted the office of Treasurer of the Conference and he asked me to take over the Statistical work. Then in 1949 he asked me to help him with the Treasurer’s work as his eyesight was failing him at this time. I worked with him in his office which he maintained in his home for about three years then he asked me to take over the Treasurer’s work. During this time I came to know him very well, and I have never known a more consecrated man, and I shall never forget the many ‘blessings that I have had from knowing and working with him.
He lived in Ruston for about 52 years. After he retired from the Orphanage he built his home in Ruston and continued to live there until his death. When he retired from the Orphanage in 1937, and was ‘Superannuated in 1945, he did not retire from the ministry as he was called many times to fill appointments, perform marriages and hold funerals. He taught the men’s Bible Class at Trinity Church for several years.
Brother Vaughn loved and trusted every one. A great life has fallen, and left a vacancy, but his influence will live on, pointing those of us who remain to the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world. Death came as no surprise to the many friends and loved ones. After his wife’s death he said to me so many times, “‘Hearn I don’t have much to live for; I can’t do anything. It is ‘better to go on.” During the last few months as we talked together he seemed to have a longing to be with God in the Heavenly home. Jesus said, “The pure In heart shall see God.” Brother Vaughan lived in that faith and today shares the reality of the anticipation, which he cherished while here on earth.
Funeral service was held from the Trinity Church, Ruston, by the ‘Rev. Douglas McGuire pastor, assisted by the Rev. Eddie Morgan and the Rev. J. E. Hearn.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Church, Pages 219-221, 1961 by J. E. Hearn

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