Patton, Isaac A.


April 5, 1878 - April 21, 1960
The Rev. Isaac A. Patton was a man of God. He walked with dignity and poise even to the day of his death at 82 years of age. When he prayed ‘for a man, that man knew that he had been before the throne of grace. For a number of years he looked with patience for God to call him home. For some, August 21, 1960 may have been different, but for him it was a glad day, for he felt he was going home.
Isaac A. Patton, was born April 5, 1878 in Grant Parish, Louisiana. His father and grandfather had been Methodist ministers. His father was a senator from his parish. At the age of 10 years at a camp meeting held near Pineville, Louisiana he felt the call to preach. He went home to preach his first sermon to his sisters. At 19 he was licensed to preach at Cane River Methodist Church, Natchitoches, Louisiana. He attended primary schools in Grant and Winn Parishes. After completing High School he went to Mt. Zion College for one year, which at that time was located near Winnfield, Louisiana.
He spent 44 years in the active ministry to the Protestant Methodist Churches of Louisiana. Sixteen years were spent in evangelistic work over several states. He walked over 15,000 miles to serve his works. He also organized a number of churches. The Methodist Church at Chatham was organized by the Rev. Patton. Because of the shortage of ministers he continued to serve after his retirement. He served Kelly, Hebert, Shiloh, New Hope, Centerpoint, Atlanta, and Coulie, after retirement. He married Birtie Mae Calk who died in 1933. They had ten children, four of whom are in religious work. One son Isaac A. Patton, Jr. is a member of the Louisiana Annual Conference. In 1941 he married Mrs. Maggie Brown Who helped him continue his work even up to his death.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Church, Pages 217-218, 1961 by Earl B. Emmerich.

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