Ware, Mrs. R.T.


March 4, 1885 - April 23, 1961
. Mrs. R. T. Ware was born at Old Hickory, Mississippi, March 4, 1885. She died at her home in Shreveport, Louisiana April 23, 1961. She was the daughter of Rev, and Mrs. M. M. Maddox of Mississippi. She gave her heart to Christ and united with the Methodist Church very early in life. She was married to Rev. R. T. Ware (deceased Oct. 16, 1949) on November 7, 1901. To this union, was born seven children: Gaither, Gwetha, Gortha, Gorlie, Gaddis, Gardis, Guriell, who survive her.
Mrs. Ware was a sweet spirited, Christ-like woman who inspired everyone she met with her warm, loving, and cheerful personality. She made a real contribution to her church through the Woman’s Society of Christian Service, and the Church School. She received the Life Membership Award from the W.S.C.S. in the Park Avenue Methodist Church of Shreveport, Louisiana, in recognition of her faithful service.
She was truly a helpmate to her husband and served with him at the following appointments: Noble, Belmont, Mooringsport and Oil City, Vivian, Texas Avenue. Park Avenue, Chaplain of the Charity Hospital, Shreveport from 1939 until his death in 1949.
It was my high privilege to serve a~ the pastor of Brother and Mrs. Ware for seven years at Park Avenue. I was in and out of their home numbers of times. I knew it to be a home of the Open Bible.
On Sunday morning September 30, 1945 at the morning service Brother Ware asked for a personal privilege. He came to the pulpit and presented me with a Bible, and on the fly leaf were written these words by him:
When all other gifts are faded, and by nature passed away;
This gift will ‘be as fresh as the morning dew, as marvelous as the break of day.
When all other gifts have failed to comfort, or your aching heart inspired,
This gift will greatest comfort bring, and set your soul on fire.
When dearest friends are forced to leave you alone, in the grim hand of death;
This gift will still sustain you, with a sweet caress.
And too, when your soul shall have gone to dwell among the blest;
This gift will be your passport there, with it you will stand the test.
This is not my gift at all,
If it were it too would fade:
It is the gift of the “Great I Am”, to you
The sure foundation laid.
Presented to Rev. W. 0. Lynch, Sept. 30, 1945, by R. T. Ware, a true friend.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Church, Pages 206, 1959 by W. O. Lynch.

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