Shows, F.Lyman


1878 - August 29, 1962
F. Lyman Shows was born in 1878, in Jackson Parish, Louisiana, South of Ruston, close to Old Vernon, which at that time was the county seat. He is survived by his widow, Ellie Frances Hearne, and four sons and five daughters.
He was licensed to preach at the Ruston District Conference in 1902, and was assigned to his first pastorate at Old Concord, in the Methodist Protestant Church. Among the pastorates which Bro. Shows served during his ministry were Grayson, Jonesboro, Ansley, Pollock, South Grand in Monroe, and Winnfield, serving several of these churches at least two times. He served five years as president of The Louisiana Conference of The Methodist Protestant Church, and he was a delegate to The General Con-ference of The Methodist Protestant Church several times during the period of the discussion of unification which he enthusiastically favored. He was President of The Louisiana Conference at the time of its favorable vote to unite to form The Methodist Church.
A powerful evangelist, Bro. Shows was also deeply interested in youth work. He pioneered the organization of youth camps and assemblies, and was largely responsible for the establishing of an assembly ground at Chatham, Louisiana. Ill health forced Bro. Shows’ retirement from the active ministry in 1937, after 35 years as an effective minister. He used to say occasionally, “I’ve outlived just about all the doctors and preachers who recommended my retirement”.
The following letter, written by Bro. Shows three weeks before his death, September 1, 1982, reflects his love for the church, and his concern for his wife:
“My Dear Brother:
“You will find enclosed my check for eight dollars, my pledge, monthly, for the year. I paid June and July in one check. As long as I can, I am going to pay to the church.
“I want to say I love the Church, I also love all people everywhere. I pray every day for God to bless you and your people. I am up and helping my wife with the house work all I can. She has to walk with a stick all the time, and is under the doctor’s care. My heart is still giving me trouble. I miss being at church.
“Sixty-two years ago, Friday August 10, I tried to preach my first time, and I do love God and His great work to this moment.
“You have all my love and prayers,
F. Lyman Shows”
On August 29, Bro. Shows said to me~ “Roy, I don’t know what the Lord is going to do with use, but this I know, I’m completely in His hands. And I keep saying, as always, ‘Thy will be done’ “. Thus may our leave-taking be.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Church, Pages 269-270, 1963 by Roy F. Mouser.

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