Griffin, B.F.


- March 23, 1963
Reverend B. F. Griffin spent his last days as a retired minister of the Louisiana Conference of The Methodist Church living in Atlanta, Texas, at which place he died on March 23, 1963.
It is a privilege for me to write this Memoir for Brother Griffin. As a pastor, he was faithful to his flock. Wherever he sewed, he was loved by all. As a preacher, he was a faithful preacher of holiness, and a fine example in living it.
Brother Griffin was handicapped by a chronic asthmatic condition, but he went on to fulfill his calling. I was his president in the Methodist Protestant Church for five years. He was always pleased with his appointments, and he served them faithfully.
We feel that he is now rewarded for his faithfulness and service. We think of him having died to gain, now being rich in those treasures above.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the Methodist Church, Pages 264-265, 1963 by J. W. Lee.

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