Dameron, George Walton


1889 - 1969
At the age of 80, George Dameron departed this life and as was said about Lincoln, he left a lonesome place against the sky.
George did not serve as long as some, because he was later than many to enter the professional ministry. He was second to none, however, in the quality of his ministry and of his spirit. One word describes him best of all, “Genuine.” George was genuine. There was nothing phony about this man. His life was a Stewardship, and he felt he owed his best every waiting hour. He was not fussy nor peevish yet he had little patience or time for littleness and half-heartedness.
His Ministry was marked by several important things. He served or many years as Executive Secretary of the Board of Education. He gave this position much of the character, which stayed with it down the years. Heal~ made such a contribution to the Pineville Church that it became an entirely different type of Church after his Ministry there. But George was ahead of ins time. Movements which are now very much accepted by the Church were embraced by him. He was far ahead of his day in the realm of race, and the same can be said of the Ecumenical movement. It was appropriate that a Catholic Priest should have a part in his funeral, and the Negro Ministers of his area should attend
He kept abreast of events even after retirement He attended all of the important meetings of the Church, and took notes on lectures as if he had to preach next Sunday. His son found a book by Tillich marked upon his desk as one of the last things he had read. Not many retired ministers are still reading Paul Tillich. This was George Dameron. A wonderful friend, a great soul..

“I know not what the future holds of marvel or surprise
Assured alone that life and death, his mercy underlies.
I know not where his islands lift their fronded palms .....
I only know I cannot drift beyond His love and care
This I believe about my friend George Dameron.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church, Conference A, 1970, Page 140, by Jolly B. Harper.

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