Boyd, Joseph Walter


Dec. 29, 1919 - Sept. 5, 1969
Joseph Walter Boyd was born December 29, 1919 in White Bluff Mississippi, the son of Thomas S. Boyul and lva S. Boyd and from birth seemed foreordained for the Ministry. Being a delicate baby, special care was given to him by his grandmother, Mrs. Joseph Boyd, who insisted that the ‘little Preacher” must live.
Brother Boyd received his early education at Columbia, Mississippi, where he graduated from High School He was an excellent athlete and won a scholarship to Pearl River Junior College at Poplarville, Mississippi, where he was an outstanding foot player. He received his B. A. Degree from North East State College and attended Southern Methodist University. He was married on February 8, 1942 to Edna Earle Puckett of Bogalusa, Louisiana. To this marriage were born two sons, Joseph W. Boyd and George William (Billy) Boyd, and one daughter, Janis Antionette.
J. W., a World War II veteran, began his ministry in 1945 at Springfield, Louisiana, and m subsequent years served churches at Fisher, Clay, Gilbert, Rayne, Sicily Island and Sterlington. His last appointment, in 1965, was to Columbia where he served until his death, September 5, 1969, at the age of 49.
J. W. learned the nature of his illness on April 3, 1969, but during the months of April and May while he was receiving cobalt treatments, he continued his work with amazing vigor and unfeigned faith. It was during this time that he preached with his greatest power, rejoicing in God’s love and affirming the valedictory of death.
He was a true friend, always ready to lend a helping hand. He knew how to be abased and how to abound. He understood the meaning of “struggle” when circumstances were more than he could cope with at the moment, he said a silent prayer and let his laughter bear testimony to his abounding faith. He never let his burdens show. He loved God’s great out-of-doors; the fields and streams, the wooded hills and nature’s varying moods. He loved his people and gave himself for them, and his people became all the people of the community where he served. His silent pride in his family was an open secret. He preached with convincing power and lived by the gospel he preached. He trusted God completely and as the long hours of the pain of his disease took their toll, he truly became more than Conqueror. He fought a good fight, he kept the faith, he finished the course and with the unmistakable “Henceforth” in his soul, he took his departure and claimed his crown of righteousness.
In addition to his widow and three children, he is survived by three sisters; Mrs. Kathryn McBerry of Monticello, Mississippi, Mrs. Guy L. Beck and Mrs. B. L. Bryant, both of Prentiss, Mississippi.
Funeral services were conducted at the First United Methodist Church at Columbia. Participating in the service were Bishop Aubrey G. Walton, Dr. Ceo. W. Pomeroy, the Rev. W. D. Boddie and the Rev. Sam S. Holladay. Interment was in McGhee Cemetery in Bogalusa, Louisiana.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church, Conference A, 1970, Page 139, by Geo. W. Pomeroy.

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