Wardlow, Lula


When Mrs. Lula Wardlow passed away last August, we came to the end of an era. At the time of unification with the Methodist Protestant Church, a number of women preachers came in through that body. They had served sacrificially and well in some of the hardest places in the conference. After unification they continued to make an important contribution to the church. Among those who came to us was Mrs. Lula Wardlow of Montgomery.
Sister Wardlow, as she was known, became a Methodist minister in 1913, and preached for fifty years. She was a Methodist Protestant until 1939, and served until her retirement in 1942 and many years beyond retirement. During this time, she endeared herself to endless Christian people. The number who came to her funeral, especially the ministers whom she had influenced and supported, attests to this. In the recent years of her inactivity, she upheld the pastors of her church in a way that endeared her to all who served in this capacity. Retired min-isters are not always easy to work with in a small church. Mrs. Wardlow was never a problem to the resident minister. He found her a true friend and one who supported his work of the King-dom.
At the time of her death, she was almost 94 years of age. She had been vigorous most of these years. She was a devoted minister and enthusiastic Methodist all of her life. She attended the Annual Conference until the last couple of years, and will be remembered for her devotion to the church and its Christ. We thank God for his noble lady who helped blaze the trail through the wilderness and plant the church in the remote places.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1971; p. 195 By Jolly B. Harper

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