Seegers, Sidney A.


“If by one word I help another,
A struggling and despairing brother
Or eased one bed of pain;
If I but aid some sad one weeping,
Or comfort one, lone vigil keeping,
I have not lived in vain.”

These are words that express more deeply the heart and mind of Sidney Seegers than any we could hope to capture.
Rev. Sidney Alexander Seegers, born April 28, 1886, in Kershaw Country, South Carolina. His parents moved to Haynesville, Louisiana, early in his life and there he received his first education. He graduated from Haynesville High School, and from there he went to Tulane University, and then to Emory University where he graduated, and joined the Louisiana Annual Conference of the former Southern Methodist Church.
Brother Seegers came into the Louisiana Conference in Nov. 1917 on trial. He was ordained Deacon in 1920 and Elder in 1922. He served with honor for more than forty years before retiring.
Brother Seegers and Miss Georgine Flanders were married in June of 1925, and to this wonderful Christian home were born four children who blessed and honored their parents with truly Christian characteristics: Winnifred Seegers, M.D. of Littleton, Colorado; Sidney A. Seegers of Monroe, Louisiana, an outstanding educator; Kathryn Seegers Mouser of Monroe, Louisiana; and Dorothy Seegers (Mrs. E. D.) Williams of El Dorado, Arkansas.
Rev. Sidney Seegers served his church well for almost a half century. He brought the message of Christ to churches in most every part of the state. He was loved and respected by all who knew him and his work leaves a trail of love and deeds of kindness as an example to those who would follow in his path.
When he retired he made his home in Columbia, Louisiana, where he continued to work for his church and community.
Brother Seegers passed to that larger home, a house not made with hands but built by God, on December 12, 1971.
We pay tribute to a man who lived by deep and abiding convictions, who was moved by a consuming love for God and his brother ministers, who labored with a passion to relieve the agonies and sufferings of the retired brothers and their families; whose great heart carried a load of pain for the unfortunate; who struggled, begged, prayed, and longed for a way to make life for others in this great ministry of God more rewarding.
The fine pension program of the Louisiana Conference is due largely to the untiring efforts of this stalwart and devoted saint of God.
Who is as the Christian great
Bought and washed with sacred blood,
Crowns he sees beneath his feet,
He soars aloft and walks with God.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1972; p. 141 By W. D. Milton

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