Harrel, Reuben M.


Ruben M. Harrel was born at Jackson, Ohio, on March 10, 1921. In 1945, he was married to Mildred E. Howell who was born at Belmont, Texas .
Brother Harrel joined The Methodist Church in March of 1965 and was licensed to preach on January 14, 1966, by the Shreveport District of the Louisiana Conference. At the time he was licensed, Love Chapel was his home church. His son Gary Lee was born in 1960.
He was ordained a deacon at the Louisiana Conference in June, 1969. Before his death on August 23, 1971, Brother Harrel had served as pastor of the following churches: Pleasant Hill, Converse, Bayou Scie, Prospect and Hornbeck.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1972; p. 139