Pinckard, Henry O.


Henry Oden Pinckard departed this life April 1, 1972, the victim of a series of massive strokes. Henry was born in Verda, Louisiana, December 10, 1918, the first son of Lawrence S. Pinckard, Sr. and Bessie Oden. The family moved to the Rock Hill Community of Grant Parish in 1921, where Henry was a faithful member of the Hollins Chapel Methodist Church. He graduated from Colfax High School in 1937, attended Northwestern Louisiana College, served in the Armed Forces during World War II, and obtained his B.S. degree from L.S.U. in 1940.
Henry married the former Marcia Brunson of Eunice, Louisiana in 1945. Their marriage was blessed with nine children: four sons—Ben, J. Thomas, Dan, and Bill; and five daughters—Betty, Marcia, Marty, Dorothy, and Sarah. He is also survived by his mother and two brothers, Ben, of Colfax, Louisiana, and L. Screven, Jr., of Bienville, Louisiana. Henry was a retired fed-eral employee of the England Air Force Base.
Henry was licensed to preach in 1954, obtained deacon in 1962, and elder in 1965. He served the church faithfully in several of its smaller charges as a lay pastor. Among those charges were Melder, Hinston, Lewis Chapel, Seiper, Dodson-Couley, and Davis Springs.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1972; p. 140 By Gilbert H. Wade, Jr.

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