Johnson, Millie (Mrs. George)


Millie Henderson Johnson was born April 1, 1862, at Pleasant Hill in Sabine Parish of Louisiana. She received in full the public education available to Negroes during her early years.
At the age of twenty she met and married Rev. George Johnson. Together they served churches in Coushatta, Bunkie, Mansfield, and Zwolle. For several years Rev. Johnson served as Presiding Elder and was one of the leaders of the Conference.
To the union of George and Millie there was born a daughter who died in early youth. But the parsonage home had many children who came and went as need or situation dictated. And always the home was a happy place where pleasant memories were born and nurtured and where love grew strong.
Rev. Johnson died in 1932 and is buried in the Cemetery at Coushatta. But Sister Millie carried on the work of serving her Lord.
During these last years she spent her time with two nieces in East Hedge. She passed away on July 21, 1972 at the age of 110. Her earthy remains were interned in East Hodge Cemetery.
Millie Henderson Johnson lived among us in an important 100 years of our Country’s life. Think of the events of that troubled year of her birth — 1862. Conflict swirled over the American landscape. Brother in Grey fought his brother in blue. Think too of the changes in her lifetime. But to one change she devoted her years — the change that comes into the heart through Christ. We who follow are thankful that God left her among us for these many years. And we feel anew the challenge of her life and the call of our Lord who sends us into the conflict.
Servant of God well done;
Thy glorious warfare’s past;
The battle’s fought, the race is won,
And thou art crowned at last.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1973; p. 137 By Fred A. Mead

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