Obee, Lorraine S. (Mrs. Arthur W.M.)


The hour glass, with its sands of time, has slowly but surely spilled its contents, with the passing of the last sand on Saturday, March 30, 1974 went the life of Mrs. Lorraine S. Augustus Obee.
Lorraine S. Augustus Obee was born to the late John and Mary Augustus on October 24, 1892. She was married to the late Reverend Arthur W. M. Obee to which four sons were born.
For 24 years with love, devotion and full determination she followed her husband from Gammon Theological Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia, to charges in New Orleans, Franklin, Napoleonville and Shreveport.
The imprint of her service is left so deep that any who follow may clearly see the material used in her life’s activity, for there mingling among the shadows are views of fellowship and joy she found in serving others. With the load of motherhood on her shoulders, she was able to carry it all with a smile, and when the house was still she quietly talked with God. She walked in paths that would be good, not only for her children, but for others who might be going that way. She was a delight to her friends, a joy to her family and a source of good will to the stranger.
It was her hope that those who are left behind will catch the aroma of the not too fleeting winds as they carry God’s message which was her motto “work for the night is coming.” The following words by J. S. B. Vance are most befitting the life of Lorraine S. Augustus Obee.
“To be able to smile in the storm
To be watchful and careful and constant in prayer,
To be cautious to do no one harm.
To be useful and wanted, to live every day
That whenever the bell tolls for you,
You’ll be happy to say, though my end is at hand
I’ve done all the good I could do.”
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1974; p. 156 By Howard L. Milo

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