Gieck, John George


(Following is the Obituary for Rev. John G. Gieck. It was written in his own words and left with his pastor, prior to his death May 23, 1974)
Johnny George Gieck, son of Jacob Karl (changed to Charles after WWI) and Ketrona (changed to Katherine after WWI) Lehnhoff born December 18, 1897 near Woollam, Missouri Post Office and General Store, now RFD, Bland, Missouri,
When nine months old he weighed two pounds less than at birth, due to scarlet fever and other infant diseases, and the family, Dr. Maize and his mother almost despaired his life. Later, his mother confessed that she placed his frail body on the bed and knelt beside the bed and dedicated her frail son to God’s ministry.
When plowing corn with a walking cultivator when he was nine years old as a barefoot boy, he was overwhelmed with the call to preach the gospel; stopped the mules, knelt in the fresh soil and dedicated his life to the ministry.
When he was in Henderson-Brown Academy he heard the then missionary from India present the needs of the missionary field in such a persuasive way, concluding with “who will volunteer to go?”, he was the first to do so. He then wrote his mother about this experience and also his experience in the fields earlier.
In February, 1922, with W. R. Richardson as pastor, and Dr. R. W. McKay as Presiding Elder, Johnny was granted his license to preach the gospel, was appointed as pastor to the Buckner Circuit during his senior year at college, and was appointed for the second year; and after arranging for a substitute, entered Yale Divinity School, graduating in 1929, with honors.
His betrothed, Eda Pearl Cade, completed her five years as educational missionary. They were united in marriage on July 17, 1929, and began their ministry together.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1975; p. 180 By John George Gieck

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