Akin, Beulah (Mrs. William E.)


Mrs. Beulah Baker Akin entered Eternal Rest March 29, 1974 at the age of 94 years and 11 months. She is survived by three sons: Rev. W. R. Akin, retired, Mr. E. P. Akin, nurseryman of Shreveport, La., Mr. J. S. Akin, businessman of Sibley, La.; three daughters, Mrs. H. P. Means, Ida, La., mother of Rev. Jerry Means, active minister of The Louisiana United Methodist Conference, Mrs. S. A. Waldron and Mrs. Ed Waldron of Simsboro, La.
Mrs. Akin was born at Summerville, La. April 18, 1879, where she met and married the Rev. “Will” Akin in 1899. She was a devoted and loyal wife and mother and shared the austere minister’s life through three depressions on rural circuits. She had very little formal education, but she learned in the school of hard knocks the art of sewing and canning and raising children, becoming wise in the ways of her household and the business of survival.
She loved the Methodist Church and gave the whole of her adult life in humble service to its interests and institutions. The last 26 years of her life were spent in the only home she knew outside of a parsonage. This home was bought in Sibley, La. the year Rev. W. E. Akin retired from the Louisiana Annual Conference for the sum of $1000, with a down payment of $500 that he received at that Conference, which was the entire amount that they were to live on until the next Conference a year later. She was a faithful and dedicated member of the congregation of the Sibley Methodist Church, the W.S.C.S. Bible study and Sunday School. It was after a meet-ing of the U.M.W., while on the way to her home from the car she rode in, that she fell and broke her hip which culminated in her death.
She is remembered by all who knew her with love and admiration and is an inspiration to the whole church.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1974; p. 152 By W. R. Akin

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