Taylor, Carolyn (Mrs. J. Roddy)


When death comes into our midst with sudden swiftness and startling unexpectation and takes from us one so youthful in years and spirit, we are left stunned and bewildered. Such was the feeling shared by so many of us when we received the news of the sudden death of Carolyn Taylor.
Carolyn had begun the day by fulfilling her responsibilities in caring for her family. She had seen her husband depart for a preacher’s meeting and had carried her oldest daughter to school. She then left home to take her mother to keep an appointment with her physician. Then, with a swiftness that is incomprehensible, she left us, the victim of an automobile accident.
Carolyn was born January 27, 1948. She died on January 27, 1975. It was her 27th birthday.
She is survived by her husband, Rev. J. Roddy Taylor; two daughters, Jenifer and Stephanie; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Gray; a sister, Peggy; and a brother, Charles.
On October 1, 1966, Carolyn married Rev. J. Roddy Taylor and faithfully served with him in the churches at Eros, Pine Grove, Gibsland and Bernice. During these years she dedicated herself to fulfilling one major goal, that of seeing her husband complete his undergraduate and seminary education. She willingly put aside her own goals and ambitions in order that her husband might adequately prepare himself for his Christian ministry.
The radiant joy, the deep love, the unwavering faith and trust, the beauty of her Christian strength and commitment, have all touched our lives and have left a holy benediction upon us. She lived to the full the few brief years that were hers. Funeral services were held in the Bernice United Methodist Church on January 29, 1975, with Rev. Edward R. Thomas and Rev. Kirby A. Vining officiating.
Someone has suggested God has placed two lamps in man’s hand. One is the Lamp of Memory which takes us by the hand and leads us back through the mists of the past to the happy scenes and experiences of yesterday. The other is the Lamp of Hope which leads us forward through the uncertain mists of the future. Today we walk in the light of grateful memory for the life of Carolyn Taylor and in the light of confident hope that all we commit to the Father’s keeping is eternally secure.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1975; p. 190 By Kirby A. Vining

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