Hearne, Falcon Luther


Rev. Falcon Luther Hearne was born September 30, 1901 at Chatham, Louisiana, and died January 16, 1976 in Shreveport, Louisiana. On September 28, 1924 he was married to Selma Cox, and they had a long and enriching relationship. Selma died November 25, 1974.
Brother Hearne responded to God’s call to preach when he was a young man. He was an effective minister for nearly fifty years. Even after his retirement he remained active in the Lord’s work. He served the following appointments: Sunrise and Luna, Mt. Nebo and Bethel, Mt. Zion and Hollens Chapel, Kelly Charge, Urania and Pollock, Grayson, Eros, Antioch, Frantom Chapel, Luna, Olla, Claiborne in West Monroe, Curtis Park in Bossier City, Chatham, Frantom Chapel (RS), Concord (RS), and as an Associate at First Church, West Monroe (RS).
Brother Hearne loved to preach. God and His Kingdom were priorities in his life and he felt he was engaged in the greatest work in the world. He lived with gratitude believing his life had been blessed with a rich heritage, a host of friends and a Heavenly Father who provided abundantly for him. He was deeply sincere and gave his very best to meet the opportunities entrusted to him. Brother Hearne had a genuine love for people and shared with concern the joys and sorrows of those he knew.
Brother Hearne’s strong faith enabled him to have a deep and abiding joy. A favorite chorus of his has in it the words: “Oh! say, but I’m glad, I’m glad, Oh!, say, but I’m glad; Jesus has come and my cup’s over run, Oh! Say, but I’m glad.”
The moment of death seemed to be a time of triumph for Brother Hearne. He believed that death would be the gateway to a larger life. Many years ago at his ordination he was asked the question, “Are you going on to perfection?” He answered, “Yes.” Across the years he moved in that direction and has now gone on to perfection, to a larger life, a house not made with hands and to the church triumphant.
Brother Hearne leaves behind inspiring memories, a challenging example and an influence that will continue to live and bear fruit for Christ.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference 1976, p.135

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