Garrett, Lula (Mrs. James T.)


As quietly as she lived and moved among her family, Mrs. Garrett made the transition to her heavenly home on March 29 after several months of illness.
Mrs. Garrett was born in Eros, Louisiana, April 22, 1894 where she lived and attended school. Later the family moved to the Chatham community, where she continued her formal education, attending Dalley School, out of Chatham.
In 1912 she was married to Mr. Grady Hearne with whom she lived until his death. There were three children born to this union. They are Mrs. Mildred Murphy, Houston, Texas; Mr. Drew Hearne, Tyler, Texas; and Mrs. Doris Brown, Shreveport, Louisiana.
In sixteen of those intervening years Rev. J. T. Garrett was pastor of the Chatham Charge and pastor of the Grady Hearne family. During those years Illness struck Rev. Garrett’s home, taking his wife, as she slept, on the night of February 15, 1954.
In 1955 Rev. Garrett and Mrs. Lula Hearne united in a marriage that resulted in supportive church and community activities for more than twenty beautiful years of relationship.
Characterizing the life of Mrs. Garrett were at least three important things: love for people reflected by her sense of concern and sharing; love for the Church, beautifully portrayed by her faithful attendance and everyday interest; and love for her pastor. Being a pastor’s wife may have influenced this love some, but her concern, encouragement and support were easily sensed by anyone serving as her pastor.
Eighty-two years may have seemed long for some, but for Mrs. Garrett there was high anticipation that her body would overcome illness with health restored and strength regained so that she could get on with life in useful ways. One with such a spirit we hold in loving memory:
O happy, happy soul! In ecstasies of praise,
Long as eternal ages roll, Thou seest thy Savior’s face,
Redeemed from earth and pain, Ah! when shall we ascend,
And all in Jesus’ presence reign—through ages without end?
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference 1976, p.138 By William B. Shaw

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