Bozeman, Maxie (Mrs. Robert A.)


In the picturesque Pleasant Hill Church in Sabine Parish on Friday, May 21, 1976, honor and tribute were paid to Maxie Herrington Bozeman, widow of Reverend Robert A. Bozeman. Rev. and Mrs. Bozeman were serving the First United Methodist Church at Ringgold when he was killed in an automobile accident on March 13, 1940. A great peace surrounded all who were present as we committed her body to her final resting place in the pastoral surroundings of the Spring Ridge Cemetery.
Having become a widow with four small children at a very early age, Mrs. Bozeman knew the rigors of hard work, sacrifice and self-denial. Yet she imparted to her children a faith and quality of life that caused them to “rise up and call her blessed.” Her son, Dr. James R. Bozeman, was a member of the Administrative Board of Asbury Church in Lafayette where he distinguished himself as a cardiovascular surgeon; her daughter, Mary Raines, has a theatre in New York City as well as being an actress in her own right; her daughter Martha teaches in Jefferson Parish and is an elementary teacher at First Church, New Orleans; and the son, Robert R., lives near their home in Sabine Parish and works in Social Security there.
Maxie Herrington Bozeman emerged from a Methodist parsonage with four children following her husband’s untimely and tragic death. With little but faith and determination she completed alone what she and her husband had begun. We praise God for her dignity, life and faith.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference 1976, p.138 By George W. Ross

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