Bowdon, Hazel (Mrs. J. Henry)


Hazel McGuffey Bowden was born in East Baton Rouge Parish on June 9, 1898. Her father was Dr. J. H. McGuffey and her mother was Mary Eliza Young McGuffey. Since her father was a country doctor she had opportunity to travel in her youth. She attended school at Chenneyville, Tibodeaux and graduated from the Baton High School at the head of her class. Mrs. Bowdon attended Silliman College at Clinton, Louisiana, a junior college sponsored by the Presbyterian Church. She taught in the Baton Rouge School system for a number of years.
Hazel Bowdon met her future husband while teaching at the Istrouma High School, where he was principal. She married the Reverend J. Henry Bowdon, Sr... On November 24, 1925. The Bowdons were able to celebrate fifty years of life together. Hazel Bowdon graced every parsonage she entered and beautified every life she contacted. Her quiet courage, patience, love and concern endeared her to all the people she and her husband served for the forty-two years they labored in the Louisiana Conference and the eight years of their retirement in Lake Charles. A prayer which typifies the life of Hazel Bowdon would be something like this: “God, make the woman I want to be, an ever worthy reflection of Thee.” God answered this prayer in the life of Hazel Bowdon.
A memorial service was held in the First United Methodist Church of Lake Charles. Rev. George Ross, Rev. Henry Blount, Jr., and Rev. Ted Standly officiated.
Mrs. Bowdon is survived by her husband: two children, Rev. J. Henry Bowdon, Jr. and Mrs. Louise Bowdon Mayo; six grandchildren and a great host of friends.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference 1976, p.137 By Deen Thompson

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