Harris, Carolyn Hines


- December 21, 1979
On December 21, 1979, enroute to Providence, Rhode Island, for the Yuletide Season with her mother and other relatives, Dr. Harris had a fatal tragedy. She was born in Providence, Rhode Island, the daughter of the late Mr. London Sylvester Hines and Mrs. Lillian Turner Hines. She was educated at Fisk University and Columbia University.
In 1979 she completed work for the doctorate in Mathematics Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, New York City.
Dr. Harris served on the faculty at Southern University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She joined the Clark College Faculty in 1962, where she became Associate Professor in the Mathematics Department. Dr. Harris loved teaching and enjoyed a fine relationship with her students.
She was an active member of the Ben Hill United Methodist Church, Atlanta, Georgia where she served in many areas of the church’s program.
Dr. Harris was involved in many religious and community organizations, as well as professional associations: the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the American Mathematics Society. She was a recipient of many honors.
She was the wife of the late Reverend Simon E. Harris of New Orleans, Louisiana, a member of the Louisiana Conference. She is survived by her mother; children, Mrs. Valerie Harris White of Baton Rouge, La. and Albert Sylvester Harris of Atlanta, Georgia; three grandchildren; and a sister, Mrs. Athleen Alexander of Providence, Rhode Island.

(Favorite Inspirational Poem of Dr. Harris)
“Climb ‘Til Your Dreams Come True” by Helen Steiner Rice

Often your tasks will be many, and more than you think you can do — Often the road will be rugged and the hills insurmountable, too — But always remember, the hills ahead are never as steep as they seem — And with faith in your heart start upward and climb ‘til you reach your dream — For nothing in life that is worthy is ever too hard to achieve — If you have the courage to try it and you have the faith to believe...
For faith is a force that is greater than knowledge or power or skill...
And many defeats turn to triumph if you trust in God’s wisdom and will — For faith is a mover of mountains — there’s nothing that God cannot do — So start out today with faith in your heart, and
“Climb ‘Til Your Dream Comes True!”
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church, 1980, Pages 169, by Maude P. Harris.

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