Carter, Fannie (Mrs. James Van)


1892-August 31, 1978
Fannie Norman Carter was born in 1892 in Tamalco, Illinois. Her family came to Southwest Louisiana in 1913. Fannie became active in the Sunday School Association and in 1920 went to the World Sunday School Association in Tokyo, Japan. In the 20’s and early 30’s she worked as secretary to Van Carter, who was the state executive for the Sunday School Association. Camp Lassa near Shreveport developed as the center of the Association activities. Fannie was the promoter and manager of the camp and oftentimes turned to washing dishes or whatever task needed to be done. From 1937 to 1941 she was secretary to Rev. George Dameron, who served as Executive Director of the Board of Education of the Louisiana Annual Conference.
In 1936 Fannie married Van Carter. For almost twenty years Van pastured various curches in the Louisiana Conference, and Fannie was his constant and supportive companion. Following Van’s death she became a house mother at Centenary College and later went to Indiana to live with her two nieces.
Fannie died August 31, 1978, in Greenwood, Indiana. Her funeral was conducted by the Rev. James L. Stovall, the Rev. James Humphreys, and the Rev. Kirby Vining in Baton Rouge on September 2.
Fannie Norman Carter was a person who accepted her life as a gift from God. She showed forth the love of God through her life by serving the needs of others at sacrifice to herself. She never wore her religion on her sleeve as if to say, “Look how good I am.” But rather, God’s love through Christ and her love for the church were the underlying foundation and motivation of her life. She manifested her faith by seeking to bring God’s love to children, young people, and adults throughout the state of Louisiana.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1979, p. 184 By Bentley Sloane

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