Clung, Constance (Mrs. Harold)


Constance Starr McClung was born March 14, 1917, in Beloit, Kansas. She was married to the late Reverend Harold McClung and they lived the major portion of their lives together in Shreveport and its immediate vicinity. They were blessed with two chil-dren, a daughter, Marilyn Sherrod and a son, Frank Harold. After experiencing a suc-cessful life in the advertising and art business, Connie and Harold were called of the Lord into the ministry. They pastored Longstreet, Barksdale, Trinity, Blanchard, Hosston and Ida Methodist congregations with great love and devotion.
Connie passed from this life on April 26, 1981 and will be missed by family and friends who knew and loved her. I appreciate the Lord for the love they extended to my family for it was a part of a life changing process Jesus had done in our lives.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1981, p. 184 Dan Grove