Willis, Willie H.


Willie H. Willis departed this life on Tuesday, March 9, 1982. He was born in Meridian, Mississippi.
Life is but a means unto an end. Only a life lived for others has an end worth remembering. The honors we pay to those are summed up in the labors of these our companions in the labors for the Lord. Their only choice was how they lived daily among their fellow men.
Willie H. Willis made such a choice as he entered this ministry in 1942. He served more than thirty-five years in the Christian Ministry, before his retirement in 1975.
In the Louisiana Annual Conference he served appointments to charges at Wesley-Norwood Ct.; Asbury Ct.; Zachary-Deerford; Cheneyville; Hughes: Baton Rouge; Lutcher Ct.; Bayou Goula; Washington Ct.; St. Mark-St. Paul; Hartzell and Shiloh-Rosedale.
He gave of his best as he lived among us, but now the best has gone to give account of his stewardship.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1982; p. 161 By George W. C. Calvin, Sr.

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