Robinson, Billie Moore (Mrs. Joe)


June 14, 1908 - October 2, 1981
Billie was born June 14, 1908, on a farm near Lonoke, Arkansas. She was the daughter of L. E. and Ola Moore. Billie was one of nine children. She had a twin sister who died in childhood.
She was married to Joe H. Robinson, April 22, 1931. To this couple has come one daughter, Mrs. Billie Jo Johnson of Strong, Arkansas, one son, James Harold Robinson of Jack-son, Mississippi, three grandchildren and five great grandchildren.
Three years after their marriage her husband entered the ministry. For forty-three years she worked by his side as he served churches in the Little Rock and Louisiana Conferences.
Billie supported her husband in his ministry. She enjoyed singing in the choir, but above everything else Billie was first a wife and a mother. She loved her home. She enjoyed making things for the home and shared her talents with her neighbors. One parsonage family who served a church several years after the Robinsons remarked, “As we visited home after home the ladies would show us things which Mrs. Robinson either made or taught them how to make.” Mrs. Robinson entered her “heavenly home” on October 2, 1981. Memorial services were held in McGuire United Methodist Church, West Monroe, with Rev. Deen Thompson and in her child-hood church in Lonoke, Arkansas. She was laid to rest beside her father and about 200 yards from the spot where she was born.
Billie’s last words were also her most familiar words, “I love you.” She loved everyone and was loved by all who knew her. This love abides forever.
Source: Journal of the Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church, 1982, Pages 167, by Deen Thompson.

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