Bodie, Elah (Mrs. Luther)



August 19, 1907 – September 24, 1981
                Mrs. Elah Shows Bodie was born August 19, 1907, to Rev. and Mrs. F. Lyman Shows. Elah died in Denham Springs, Louisiana on September 24, 1981.
                Elah vowed to never marry a preacher. She was raised in a parsonage and had seen some of the hardships of the ministry. That was not to be the case however. She met a young minister by the name of Luther A. Bodie. One day, while the couple were at Luther’s house,, he proposed. But Miss Shows quickly told him she would give him an answer in three months. That answer was yes. They were married October 18, 1933, in the Pollock Methodist Church. 
                During their many years together this devoted couple were separated only twice: once for three months while Rev. Bodie attended school, and again for 13 months when Mrs. Bodie was in a nursing home following a stroke.
                Elah taught in public schools for 33 years. She retired in 1971.
                Elah is survived by her devoted husband, Rev. Luther A. Bodie, and a son, L. Wendell Bodie.
                The relationship of love and bond of strength between Luther and Elah were summed up in one of Luther’s poems:
                                                The silver hairs among the gold,
                                                They stand out rather bold,,
                                                And though there will be more
                                                You’re as beautiful as before.
                                                With all your silver hair, my dear,
                                                You need not have a fear;
                                                The silver hairs belong with you,
                                                So never mind the change in hue.
                                                Since you will be forever mine,
                                                Just let the silver glow and shine,
                                                Because to me you are more sweet,
                                                Than anyone I’ll ever meet.
                                                So let the silver glow with the gold,
                                                While you and I are growing old.
Source: Louisiana Conference Journal, 1982; p. 164

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