Kennedy, Jr., Edward A.


To love someone more dearly every day,
To help a wondering child to find his way.
To ponder oh’ noble phor’t
And pray and smile when evening falls,
This is my task.

To follow true as blind men long for life,
To do my best from dawn of day til night,
To keep my heart fit for thy holy spirit,
And answer when he calls,
This is my task.

These words from the hymn “My Task,” describe the life and philosophy of Edward A. Kennedy, better known as “Ed.” He was born August 23, 1927 in New Orleans, Louisiana, the son of Edward and Rosa Kennedy. He was educated at McDonogh #6 Elementary School, Gilbert Academy, and then attended Clark College. He received his Masters degree from Boston University, Springfield, Massachusetts. He later received another Masters degree from New York University. He believed, “the more I give Thee, the more I have for myself.” He was a very benevolent person, always doing more for others than for himself. He lived a very full and rich life, though short. He served many appointments of high place in the Louisiana Conference, Executive Assistant to the Bishop, St. Mark Church in New Orleans, St. Peter Church in Clinton, and Asbury Church in Algiers, Louisiana.
His most enjoyable and helpful pastoring was with the Bethany United Methodist Church. After an accident, he passed away September 17, 1981. The funeral was held from his native church, Trinity, where some members of his family can still be found.

Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1982; p. 159

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