Thomas, Ethel (Mrs. Fletcher W.)


On August 12, 1982, at Louisiana State University Medical Center, God's death angel visited and carried home Ethel Lockett Thomas, widow of Fletcher W. Thomas, a minister of the Louisiana Conference for thirty-five years.
Someone wrote once, "There are three words in the English language that are more solemn than all, and they are Life, Death and Eternity. "
Ethel, as she traveled across Louisiana with her husband, knew that life was more solemn than death and that to live was more serious than to die. Her constant testimony was that the death of Jesus was life and for the Christian, death was Eternal Life,
As relatives tell of Ethel's life, characterized by great spiritual concern, one cannot help but feel the closeness of this dear lady who walked with her Master. She never refused to help in a worthy cause in her home or community and especially in her church.
On August 21,1982, she was laid to rest at the Lincoln Memorial Cemetery in Shreveport, Louisiana. She was a sweet person who will always be remembered by her favorite song she sang before she would pray:

"Tell me, dear friend, where Jesus is,
The Man I long to see ;
O tell me so I'll know the Man
By the nail print in His hand.
On yonder hill you'll find Him,
A Shepherd among His sheep.”
Sweetly, may she rest in peace.

Source: Journal Louisiana Conference UMC 1983, Page 194 - By Howard L. Milo

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