Shamblin, J. Kenneth


1917 - 1983
The hearts of Louisiana Methodists were saddened by the death of this beloved and capable bishop in October 1983.
Bishop Shamblin had gotten ready for his work as a pastor and a leader by going to the University of Arkansas and Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, and then taking special work at Oxford University in England and at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.
His great preaching and excellent administrative skills were marks of outstanding and devoted leadership.
Churches and congregations have been blessed by his messages of power and purposeful direction. He was always committed and directed by lofty aims.
His administrative work and wise procedures not only achieved much, but had ways of bringing people and areas together. He was one who united hearts and minds. Last fall, before his death, he celebrated 50 years of service as a minister of The United Methodist Church.
While the Headquarters Building stands as a monument of his Episcopal leadership, the bringing together of our work in the state will remain as a strength and integrating force. In his work he also led in campaigns for Centenary College and then in completing a $4,000,000 Pension Crusade for the retired ministers of our Conference and state. In all of these years of service, he stressed the importance of church growth and spiritual depth. To crown all of these years was his love for the churches and our people. Older ones rallied to his side, the younger people responded to his appeals, and children loved and adored his friendship and concern.
Bishop Shamblin is survived by his wife, Virginia Lake Shamblin, of Dallas, Texas; one son, The Reverend J. Kenneth Shamblin, Jr., of Garland, Texas, and his wife, Pamela, two grand- daughters Kara Lynn and Cynthia Marr; one brother, Bernard A. Shamblin and his wife of Fayetteville, Arkansas. Bishop Shamblin was preceded in death by a daughter, Lynda.
We thank God for his life and cherish our years together.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1984; p. 193 By Bishop Paul V. Galloway

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