Love, Ida Tyree (Mrs. I.A.)


December 2, 1900 - October 27, 1983
Mrs. Ida Taylor Love was the second of four children born to the union of Margie Dean and James Jacob Tyree. She was born on December 2, 1900, in Prescott, Arkansas.
Mrs. Love was married on August 26, 1923 in Prescott, Arkansas, to Reverend I. A. Love. The marriage ceremony was performed by their District Superintendent in the back seat of an old Ford. The ceremony took place in this unusual setting due to the illness of her father, and also because Reverend Love was holding a revival meeting in a nearby church and needed to be there as soon as possible. This ceremony marked the beginning of over 50 years of service as she shared in the ministry of Ira Love.
The name change from Tyree to Love could not have been a better one, for Grandma was loved by all she met. I grew up meeting people who would comment on knowing and loving ‘Momma Love.”
In addition to all the time and energy she spent in her ministry to her church she somehow found more than enough time and love left over to give her family their needed portion. Her family consisted of her three daughters; Oleta Love Truax, Katherine L.. Love Truax, and Carolyn Love Flowers, three sons-in-law, eight grandchildren, and thirteen great grandchildren. Even in her later years she ministered to each of us in her own special way. She seemed to have had one of the all time longest prayer list. The writer of Proverbs seemed to best express the life of “Momma Love” when he wrote:
“The pathway of the just is a shining light that shineth more and more into the Perfect Day.”
From the time of her birth Ida Tyree Love’s life was a journey of faith that let God’s light shine more and more each day. In her very early years this beloved woman set her eyes on this pathway of the just, and directed her steps toward God her Father. The longer she walked on this pathway the brighter the light became for she was moving closer and closer the source of that light. Her life and faith served as an inspiration and guide to those who knew her and saw her shine. Her earthly light ceased to shine on October 27,1983, but her new shining light began, on this her Perfect Day.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1984, p. 204 By Wayne Flowers

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