Knight, Sunshine (Mrs. James)


February 11, 1906 - July 3, 1983
Sunshine Knight was born February 11, 1906, in Evangeline Parish, and died July 3,1983 in Lake Charles. As I tried to say in the sermon at her funeral, Sunshine lived her name. Unlike the heat and blinding light from the sun when one is situated in open spaces, Sunshine was more like the warm, glowing rays filtered through boughs of a huge oak tree; she never came on strong, but the glow and warmth drew you to her, giving you the desire to bask in her presence. Hers was a presence you took with you. Therefore, in addition to her life with God beyond the grave, she continues to live in those of us who soaked up her rays of affirmation and love.
The sun does not point to itself, or verbally remind the earth’s inhabitants of its power and significance, it just shines. As I said, Sunshine lived her name.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1984; p. 203 By Ted Standley

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