Small, Thelma (Mrs. Caesar)


- December 15, 1984
It has been said, ‘‘that the light of heaven is the face of Jesus Christ; the joy of heaven is the presence of Jesus Christ; the melody of heaven is the name of Jesus Christ; the harmony of heaven is the praise of Jesus Christ; the theme of heaven is the work of Jesus Christ, the employment of heaven is the service of Jesus Christ.’’
Jesus Christ was .the world to Sister Small. She was born in the city of New Orleans, educated in the schools of New Orleans. Some forty years ago she married the Reverend C. D. Small, a minister of the Methodist Church. From this union came five daughters and one son. Sister Small worked side by side with Brother Small all over the Louisiana Conference from Napoleonville to Shreveport, to New Orleans, and for a short while, Chicago, Illinois, where Reverend Small took on a short-term pastorate. She was a tireless worker in the Women’s Society of Christian Service, where she provided leadership in many of the missionary projects of the Conference. Sister Small was known and loved by persons from all denominations and all walks of life. She always had words of encouragement for those whom she met along the way. She is remembered for her support of the Lafon Home, The Peoples Methodist Center and Gulfside Assembly.
Sister Thelma Small was called home on December 15, 1984. Her funeral was conducted from one of the churches she helped her husband to build, the St. Philip United Methodist Church.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1985; p. 256 By Andrew Douglas

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