Deen, Sadie Holloway (Mrs. Daniel)


February 3, 1908 - April 27, 1984
Sadie Virginia Deen entered the Eternal World April 27, 1984. She was born Sadie Virginia Holloway, daughter of Homer L. and Eleanor Matthis Holloway near Prentiss, Mississippi on February 3, 1908. She grew up in the community where she knew, and later came to love, Daniel Ray Deen. They were married on December 3, 1930.
For sometime after marriage they lived on a farm, but it was not long before her husband began to struggle with the call to the ministry. She accepted his call gladly and encouraged him to accept the challenge.
Five children came to bless this marriage: Edwin Ray Deen, Deer Park, Texas; Lt. Col. Don Eldon Deen, DeRidder, La.; Mrs. Jo Ann Corley, Urania, La.; Mrs. Laura Ellen Mays, Houston, Texas; Virginia Rebecca Thibodaux, Church Point, Louisiana. She was a loving and gracious wife and mother and greatly beloved by her family.
Mrs. Deen was a supportive partner to her husband in all the work of the ministry, sharing with him whenever possible in his tasks and responsibilities. She was best in the personal ministry of calling on members with her husband and responding to the tasks and chores of church work
She loved the church and the people and devoted much time and effort to entertaining in their home, especially with delicious meals. She worked hard in the church, supporting all the programs of the women’s groups, Church School and other activities. Due to bad health, the one great disappointment in her last several years was her inability to visit and entertain as she had formerly done.
Sadie Deen was a stalwart supporter of her husband during all the years of his ministry, insisting that he remain faithful to his calling and supporting him in the rough places. He credits her with inspiring and keeping him in the ministry. He said she would not give up on his ministry but kept him at it.
She is greatly missed, but her gracious life and loving spirit remain an inspiration to all who knew her.
“It singeth low in every heart, We hear it each and all,
A song of those who answer not, However we may call.

They throng the silence of the breast; we see them as of yore,
The kind, the true, the brave, the sweet, who walk with us no more.

‘Tis hard to take the burden us, When these have laid it down;
They brightened all the joy of life, they softened every frown.

But, Oh, tis good to think of them when we are troubled sore;
Thanks be to God that such have been, Tho’ they are here no more.

More homelike seems the vast unknown, since these have entered there;
To follow them were not so hard, wherever they may fare.

They cannot be where God is not, on any sea or shore;
Whate’er betide, Thy Love abides, Our God, forevermore.”
(John W. Chadwick)

Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1984; p. 201 By Minns S. Robertson

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