Lankford, Frank C.


January 17, 1907 - September 17, 1985
Frank Lankford was born January 17, 1907, in Birmingham, Alabama. He died September 17, 1985, in Ruston, after a short illness. Frank had been retired since the Annual Conference Session of 1973, and lived with his wife, Jean, in a Retired Minister’s home in Ruston until his death
Rev. Lankford did not start out to be a minister. He worked at a number of things prior to this decision. At the time he began his ministry, he was foreman in the Brown Paper Mill making twice the salary he was to receive as a Methodist preacher. He felt the call so strongly, the matter of salary was not a consideration for him at all.
At the Annual Conference of 1953, he received his first appointment as a minister to Marthaville, Beulah and Robeline. I was his first district superintendent and it was there we became more than just a pastor and his D.S. We were best friends after that. We served together in the Alexandria District and later in the Shreveport District.
Frank was a vigorous man. He worked with great enthusiasm and dedication. He never counted the cost to himself, both in his giving and his serving. During his 20 or more years in the Conference, he built churches, parsonages, and repaired property and acquired more property. He did not stay long in any place because of the intensity of his ministry.
In addition to his work as a Methodist preacher, he was a 32nd Degree Mason, and a Shriner. He worked with Boy Scouts serving in all capacities as a leader in this program. He worked as a welder at Consolidated Shipyard during World War II, and taught school. His whole life was marked by a willingness to take a job, a hard job.
Frank leaves his wife, Jean, a son, George, a daughter, Dorothy Lynn, and three sisters. Those of us closest to him knew his great heart and his great desire to serve. No one had any trouble knowing where Frank stood on any matter. This did not ingratitate him to a large number of his friends. Those of us who knew him best and loved him most will always remember Frank. God bless his ministry and his memory.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1986; p. 283-284

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