George, Susan Hoffpauir (Mrs. Albert)


October 29, 1891 - September 4, 1985
On October 29, 1891, Susan Ruth was born to Frances and Melissa Hoffpauir on a farm near Rayne. When she was five years old, the family moved to Rocky Mount, near Shreveport, and later moved to Shreveport. It was where she met a young ministerial student, Albert Dean George, while attending a freshman banquet at Centenary College. Four years later, they were married and received their first appointment at Cotton Valley. For 44 years they served various charges in the Louisiana Conference, mostly country and small town churches from near the Arkansas line to the Gulf Coast.
Ruth was the mother of five children, three of whom died in infancy. In 1926, they adopted the orphan daughter of Ruth’s sister. After Rev. George retired in 1966, they moved to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to be near their son, and both remained there until their deaths. Shortly after her husband died in 1974, Ruth moved in with her son after she fell and broke her hip. She never fully recovered from this accident, however, and spent her last years in a nursing facility.
From her youth Ruth loved to write poetry. During her years as a minister’s wife, she had many poems published in the Louisiana Methodist Advocate. In 1980, a niece collected and edited her poems which were published under the title “Walking the Glory Road.” While some reflected her love of nature and the world she lived in, many expressed assurance. Among them, the following verses epitomize this quality

There is no night for those who are the Lord’s
For in His presence all is radiant light,
And shadows flee like mist before His word.
He is the light, there is no night
For those who are the Lord’s
No sorrow for the heart that is the Lord’s,
For sorrow in His presence turns to joy.
And listening ever to His loving words
No gloom or sadness can annoy
The soul that is the Lord’s.
No broken hearts for those who are the Lord’s.
It matters not how deep may be the wound,
His presence doth a healing balm afford,
And in the heart, gladness abounds
For those who are the Lord’s
There is no death for those who are the Lord’s
But just a passing through the gates to be
Eternally with Him, the living Word.
Oh, radiant thought, to live with Thee,
Our Savior and our Lord.

On September 4, 1985, at the age of 94, Susan Ruth passed through the gates to join Albert where they can be with their Lord.

Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1986; p. 280 By Don George

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