Fike, Jr., Charles E.


1914 - February 28, 1986
Rev. Charles E. Fike departed this life on February 28, 1986, but his memory lingers in the hearts of those he touched.
He came to the First United Methodist Church in DeRidder to serve for the year 1968-69. The congregation was not entirely new to him. His father had served the same church 48 years earlier, when Charles was a young man. The people therefore, received him gladly. The effectiveness of his ministry is clearly seen in the large number of people who became members during his tenure.
Although Charles’ ministry in Louisiana was brief, his service left an indelible print upon the people of the DeRidder Church. Many remember him as dedicated servant of the Lord. He was perceived as a man of keen intelligence, bright wit, a ready smile, and a twinkle in his eye.
The epitaph he wrote for Frankie, his wife of many years, is very reveling of his own faith. It well serves as a benediction to his own earthly life: “We believe that the next temple will be provided. We ask that be no mourning; we ask only for your prayers, confident that they will follow, wherever they are offered. May God bless you all.”
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1986; p.277 By Clyde W. Averett

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